Are you happy in marriage but heavier on the scale?

Are you happy in marriage but heavier on the scale?

Weight life after marriage

Everyone has that one friend who was slender in single-hood but became noticeably plump after experiencing a marital bliss in the first years of marriage. It is not just a myth but a researched truth that the happier you are in marriage the more likely you are to gain some weight. According to Andrea Meltzer, marriage is associated with weight gain and weight loss is associated with divorce.  Most likely the more satisfied you are the healthier you are and vice versa.  It is good to be married but it is better to be healthy and satisfied in the same union. If your pants have gotten tighter since you tied the knot, well your happy marriage could be the thing to blame. However, getting back in shape is very crucial at whatever stage one is in life in all aspects. Therefore, people in marriage can help each other to get back in shape by mutually engaging in fitness activities.This will help in achieving their health goals.

Shaping up together while married

We all know the vows that couples make after walking down the aisle that we are supposed to love someone in happy and sad times, in sickness and prosperity but we do not make any vows concerning our body size? Could it be that extra weight can tip the balance of a relationship? We have heard many people say stuff like i was hot before I got married, i had a flat tummy, and my body was toned. Great! But what happened? Sometimes marriage will not always make you feel secure with your body because it is an ever evolving institution. However, when changes appear around the waistline especially after giving birth one may feel the need to be on the lookout for his eating habits. Nevertheless, while married this could be the best time to get back in shape because two are better than one. Efforts put in by two people trying to lose weight will most likely produce the best results for a happy couple.

How to lose weight together?

  1. Exercise together

Just like they say training together may help you to stay together, so engaging in activities such as hiring a gym instructor or running every morning consistently would be a very good idea. Making the most fun out of these dates such as cycling, swimming and hiking will help in boosting your motivation and strengthen your relationship.

  1. Find a personal time

Sometimes there are cases where your spouse may not like working out, this should not be a limitation to your personal working out. As a matter of fact this might be a challenge to your partner who may be in need of a little motivation. Withdrawing from your normal couple routines in the evening for a work out may be exactly what your inconsistent partner will need to notice what what she or he is missing out.

  1. Practice organic cooking

In today’s era where the number of restaurants and take out foods are so evident, it would be better if you prepare a diet of your choice. Cooking from scratch is the most healthy and convenient thing for your body. A home prepared meal can never be compared to a hotel meal that may be spiced up and less fresh.

  1. Make some smart meal choices

With some simple tricks your meal can become healthier even without changing your eating habits entirely.  For instance, preparing a vegetable salad in your dishes, using less oil, reducing the amount of sugar and salt and drinking lemon water after a meal.

  1. Track your calories

In order to maintain your weight, a man ought to have 1900 calories in a day but 1200 for a woman. Counting your calories will help in keeping track of your progress and encouraging you to eat the right amount and type of food.

  1. Celebrate progress

Every project ought to have a token of appreciation. In the same way a fitness progress made is worth a celebration, whether it’s going on an active date, vacation, toasting , buying a new set of fitting jeans or dresses or relaxing for a few days.

  1. Trying new things

Sometimes working out together may not always work for your partner if he or she is lazy or inconsistent. In such a case one may feel the need to withdraw and exercise with your friends who may have the same goals. This helps in boosting your daily motivation and achieving daily progress.





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