Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Month

Research shows that out of four people, one will be affected by mental or neurological disorders.  As a matter of fact 450 million people in the world have mental disorders. The month of June is known to be the men’s health month in the world calendar, this is a perfect season for the society to revisit and recheck the wellness of the masculine gender. The mental health involves the psychological, emotional and the social well-being which normally affects how people think, feel and act. Mental health problems are common but help is available for such a disorder. Research has also unleashed that most of the people particularly affected by mental problems are men. As a matter of fact, 50% of deaths are triggered by mental disorders.

The depression experiences affect both genders, as mentioned above men are the most affected because of their unwillingness to talk or open up thus results to depression, in addition men are also reluctant to seek treatment. Often, people do not recognize when men are depressed because often they appear to be aggressive and angry instead of sad. Recently, the nation especially in Nairobi has witnessed many stories of men who have committed suicide, while homicide cases are on the rise. The investigation of these suicides have been primarily proven to be triggered mostly by mental issues. However, hope is not lost yet because with the right treatment, most men with depression can get better and gain back their interests in family, work and hobbies.

When health is mentioned most men think about their physical fitness instead of their emotional state. However, physical fitness is also a healthy routine especially in the urban Centre where people strive to look more attractive physically and exercise to burn calories.  As a matter of fact, Nairobi city has recorded to have the highest number of fitness companies. This should not be the only perception of wellness men ought to have because emotional wellness is equally vital. Research states that often men are reluctant in seeking help and treatment, in fact many divert their depression to alcohol and drugs, however it is advisable to see a specialist or seek treatment before it is too late. Recently, there have been campaigns in the city that has helped in raising awareness among men with mental disorders especially those who have symptoms of depression. Most of the mental disorders affecting men can easily heal and be prevented before the condition worsens although this can only happen if men seek early treatment.

It is advisable to see a doctor for a prescribed prescription, however we live in a society where most men are afraid of visiting a physician. Nairobi is one of the busiest city in the country, therefore the logistics of moving from one place to another can be hectic especially for weak and busy people. Men are known to be afraid of going to hospitals, however with the rapid development in technology especially the onset of  online pharmacies and telemedicine it has become  easier for men to seek help from the comfort of their seats.  online pharmacies can then act as an easy to use conduit for the processing of prescriptions and related services.

June is Men’s Health Month and we want to talk about mental health! Don’t keep quite if you are man who is going through depression! For sisters, wives, partners and parents, reach out to a brother and that maybe just what they need.

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