Alcoholism is a life span squeezer

Alcoholism is a life span squeezer

We have all heard the advice that drinking in moderation to a maximum of two drinks a day for men and one for women can be of assistance for your heart. But what’s lost in this message about the consumption of alcohol is that exceeding that ‘amount’ particularly if you are binge drinking can be detrimental to one’s health. Alcoholism is just but a tip of the iceberg because thereafter lies a potential risk of diseases such as heart and liver diseases, ulcer or emotional problems of anxiety. Meanwhile, when you take a stroll in Nairobi city you will spot an increase in the number of clubs and pubs while others are still under construction. Alcohol has become the beverage of choice for most Kenyans, both men and women. Therefore, the journey might not always end at toasting but at a place of a shaky health due to the high consumption of chemicals that most of us do not have an idea of where they come from or are made of. What are some of the challenges? how can we stop? how serious is binge drinking? Notably, over three percent of cancer deaths worldwide have been linked to drinking alcohol. Long-term alcohol use also contributes to heart attack, liver failure, and other liver diseases.

Personally, I would like to view that the economic development and burden of alcohol attributed diseases are interrelated. In the modern life where people are going through so much including unemployment, depression and financial instability, people tend to use alcohol consumption as a cover up for stress. However, this does not hide the fact that excess alcohol drinking has caused the deaths of many via accidents and diseases. In the old days, the previous generations of our great grandparents had a longer life span compared to the current generation. Their health was stable, the hospitals were not as many as today. As a matter of fact, people could go for days without seeing a physician or walking into a pharmacy. In fact, there were less pharmacies, people could give birth without complications, people could live up to a 100 years. Was their lifestyle different? Yes. their lifestyle was nothing compared to the life we are living today.Today people prefer ‘junk’ over health while our great grandparent would do more cereals and less of meat. The traditional food was the order of the day. However, due to unhealthy habits such as excess junk consumption, fake products in the market including the latest sugar scandal where sugar contains mercury and copper. The types of things being manufactured including beauty products and edible products have high chances of causing diseases that will easily make our health deteriorate.

In the same way all these products are manufactured so is the alcohol. The excessive drinking of alcohol is not only affecting families but squeezing the life out of people. People can no longer live to a 100 years without dying or going through health challenges.Even as early as 30 years old some are going to rehabilitation, others are addicts and some are even failing to be sexually active which automatically reduces the chance of productivity. When alcohol is consumed daily in large amounts, there is a high chance that our bodies will slowly weaken. For instance, excessive drinking leads to chronic diseases and kidney failure. You can tell the level of alcoholism in Nairobi by the huge number of people that are present in the clubs on Friday. It is ironic and sad that the amount of money people spend in alcohol consumption may be used in a double portion at a later unhealthy. For instance, if a kidney has failed one may use or spend double the price of what they had spend drinking year in and out. of which Lack of the money might result to death. However, no one should die of alcohol consumption. It is possible to stop,seek treatment and check the amount one consumes. It is also advisable to see a doctor or a counselor for help especially when one is an addict but it is a worth course towards having a long life span. In conclusion drinking is always a question of moderation. Hoarding a week’s worth of drinks and drowning them all in one night is not the same as sipping one drink each evening. If you are concerned about alcoholism and self control, abstaining and talking to a doctor might make make the most sense out of this to reassure your wellness.

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